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1) 501® Original Jeans Shrink-to-Fit Jeans (Indigo, 44W X 34L) $46.00 Now $37.00
2) 501® Original Jeans Shrink-to-Fit Jeans (Rigid, 44W X 34L) $46.00 Now $37.00
3) 501® Original Jeans (Black, 42W X 32L) $46.00 Now $37.00
Total : RM430 for 3 units (including shipping)

4) Panel Pants (Dull Gold, 30W X 32L) $79.50 Now $59.90 = RM223 (including shipping)
5) Junior's Aster Flare 524™ Jeans (Destructed Valley Light, 13 X M) $42.00 Now $29.90 = RM154 (including shipping)
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7) ELOISE: Motorcycle Hoodie (Jet Black, Size S) $59.50 Now $39.90 = RM170 (including shipping)
8) LIN: Junior's Aster Flare 524™ Jeans (Destructed Valley Light, 3 X M) $42.00 Now $29.90 = RM154 (including shipping)
9) Charlotte Skimmer 515 Petite (Sunny Skies, Size 4) $40.00 Now $19.90 = RM131 (including shipping)

Raya - special Pre-order Status.

1) Zawzaw - Fullpayment
- Nine West : Rainbow Shoe Show Large Hobo (DONE)

2) Akmal Khairiin - Fullpayment
- G by Guess Miller (Berry) (DONE)

3) Zurin - Fullpayment (DONE)
- COACH Hamilton leather large satchel 13811 (black)
- TelekungMini white

4) Marie Robert (Full payment)
- 9west Tina Med Shopper - Yellow/Sun (DONE)
- Etienne Aigner - Hawtorne Top zip (DONE)

5) Daphne Baybee - Full payment
- G by Guess : Miller Berry (DONE)
- G by Guess : Rosie Wallet (Pink) (DONE)
- EA stonebridge tote - Daffodil (DONE)
- COACH Signature Stripe Frame Carryall #13533 (Khaki/Gold) (DONE)
- Tommy Hilfiger Small Signature Tote (DONE)
- Calvin Klein Nylon Continental Wallet (DONE)
- Coach Pink signature Stripe Tote #13548 (DONE)
- Coach Graphic Op Art Alexandra #15530 (DONE)

6) Catherine Sequerah Full payment
- EA stonebridge tote - Turquoise (DONE)
- 9west Leoni Med Satchel - Black (DONE)
- EA Keila Satchel - Gold (DONE)
- Nine West : Tina Crossbody - Sun (DONE)

7) Honeey Full payament
- EA stonebridge hobo - daffodil (DONE)
- 2 unit EA Christina Crossbody (Leather) - daffodil (DONE)
- G by Guess : Miller Black (DONE)

8) Juliana - Full payment (DONE)
- COACH Signature Stripe Frame Carryall #13533 (Pink)

9) Shazila - Full Payment
- COACH Signature Stripe Frame Carryall #13533 (Pink) (DONE)
- COACH Op Art Large Brooke #14146 (Brown) (DONE)

10) Esmi/Ernie (Malaysian in Ho Chi Ming) - Full Payment
1. EA floral fabric top zip - floral print w/white trim (DONE)
2. EA stonebridge tote - daffodil (DONE)
3. EA Stonebridge tote - turquoise (DONE)
4. EA stonebridge hobo - daffodil (DONE)
5. Forever 21 Canvas Bag - design B : New York (DONE)

11) Aliaa Diyana - Full payment (DONE)
- COACH Hamilton leather large satchel 13811 (berry pink)

12) Zureen Paintball - RM720
- EA Keila satchel (DONE)
- LCNY Pink & Gunmetal Satchel (DONE)
- G by Guess Ravillo Wristlet (DONE)
- Miller Hobo (black) (DONE)
- Coach Pink signature Stripe Tote #13548 (DONE)
- Coach Wristlet #43434
- ELLE Sunglasses - Burgandy & Black (DONE)

13) Aizat
- G by Guess Miller Hobo (Berry) (DONE)
- Coach Hamptons Patent Leather Embossed Md Carryall Tote #14413 - RM220
- Coach Laura Leather Carryall #14866 (DONE)
- Coach Lynn Hac (Grey) (DONE)

14) Faiza MG - Full payment
- COACH Laura Signature Navy/Pink Hobo #14938 (DONE)

15) Pooja - Fullpayment
- Coach(DONE)

16) Nor Azlina - Full Payment
- Coach Soho Pleated Lyn Signature Hobo #15083 (New Spring 2010 collection) - Khaki (DONE)

17) NiNaMie aZHaN - Full Payment
- COACH Peyton Signature Sateen Shoulder Bag #14525 (Khaki/Nutmeg) (DONE)
- Kathy Van Zeeland Flirtini Belt Shopper (DONE)

18) Susan Ngau Ding - Full Payment
- Nine West : Tina Crossbody - Pink (DONE)

19) Aina Hannan - Installment RM100
- COACH Soho Daisy Scarf Print Large Hobo #15166

20) Ann Tahrim S.Selasih -
- Aldo Drawstring Grey
- Miller - Berry

21) Nurul Nadiati - Full payment
- Miller - Berry (DONE)

22) Zaidah - Full Payment
- COACH Ashley Snap HD Scarf Print Sateen Carryall #15504 (DONE)

23) Opie - RM250
- Coach Wristlet #43434 (Khaki)
- Love Rock gift bag set (set of 3) (DONE)

24) Ikhlas Murni - RM50
- DKNY Town & Country Large Tote - Chino Red

25) Suziyanti - Fullpayment
Coach Frame Carryall #13533 (Gold/Khaki) (DONE)

26) Ng Pui Nyinn - Full Payment
Calvin Klein - Nylon Logo Continental Wallet (Grey) (DONE)

28) atiFah aHmad - Full payment
Miller - Berry (DONE)

29) MiSz `S!yGaL - Full payment
Miller - Berry (DONE)

30) Alawiyah Ariffin - RM400
- Miller - Black (DONE)
- Aldo - Grey

31) Jusmine - Fullpayment
- Etienne Aigner Floral Fabric Top zip (white) (DONE)


Melnie Zoroy (Deposit RM200)
- Superyard Tx

Friday, June 25, 2010

Corelle Pre-order for Raya is back!!!

Corelle promotion is back..
This time, come back with MADNESS PRICE!!!!!
This offer only valid for Hari Raya 2010 (Syawal 1431H)...
Offer opened for limited time, so we can do shipment as soon as possible..
Interested? (^_^)

(Click link on each titles for details/info of type..)

Send order by filling as below:

Contact no:
Item code/name - 1st choice:
Item code/name - 2nd choice:
Item code/name - 3rd choice:

Do fill here if you love another design, so that we can grab them while at stores (if your 1st choice is out of stock) without need to going there again for the 2nd time.. If you choose to have only 1 type; then your items isn't available at nearby stores, so we consider to refumd your deposit.. thanks..



CORELLE® Livingware™
Price: RM350-550

Raya Promotion (Syawal 1431H):

CORELLE® Livingware™ Type 1
Price: RM350

Raya Promotion (Syawal 1431H): RM300!!

CorLWareDayDream16 : Livingware™ Day Dream 16-pc Set
CorLWareNeoLeaf16 : Livingware™ Neo Leaf 16-pc Set
CorLWareSerenity16 : Livingware™ Serenity 16-pc Set

CorLWareEmma16 : Livingware™ Emma 16-pc Set
CorLWareHoolaHoops16 : Livingware™ Hoola Hoops 16-pc Set
CorLWareCCaféBlk16 : Livingware™ Classic Café® Black 16-pc Set

CorLWareGeo16 : Livingware™ Geometric 16-pc Set
CorLWareSecretGarden16 : Livingware™ Secret Garden 16-pc Set
CorLWareCCaféBlk16 : Livingware™ Floral Connection 16-pc Set

CorLWareCCaféBlue16w/mugs : Livingware™ Classic Café® Blue 16-pc Set (mugs)
CorLWareCCaféBlue16w/glasses : Livingware™ Classic Café® Blue 16-pc Set (glasses)
CorLWareCCaféRed16 : Livingware™ Classic Café® Red 16-pc Set

CorLWareCCottage16w/mugs : Livingware™ Country Cottage 16-pc Set (Mugs)
CorLWareCOttage16w/glasses : Livingware™ Country Cottage 16-pc Set (Glasses)
CorLWareFriendship16 : Livingware™ Friendship 16-pc Set

CorLWareHotDots16 : Livingware™ Hot Dots 16-pc Set
CorLWareMemphis16 : Livingware™ Memphis 16-pc Set
CorLWareRosemarie16 : Livingware™ Rosemarie 16-pc Set

CorLWareWinterFrost16 : Livingware™ Winter Frost White 16-pc Set
CorLWareSpringBlue16 : Livingware™ Spring Blue 16-pc Set
CorLWareChocoMint16 : Livingware™ Chocolate Mint 16-pc Set

CorLWareCityBlock16 : Livingware™ City Block 16-pc Set
CorLWareSquared16 : Livingware™ Squared 16-pc Set
CorLWareCityGardens16 : Livingware™ City Gardens 16-pc Set

CorLWareApricotGrove16 : Livingware™ Apricot Grove 16-pc Set


CORELLE® Livingware™ Type 2
Price: RM430

Raya Promotion (Syawal 1431H): RM350!!

CorLWareCityBlock18 : Livingware™ City Block 18-pc Set
CorLWareCountryCottage18 : Livingware™ Country Cottage 18-pc Set
CorLWareWinterFrost18 : Livingware™ Winter Frost White 18-pc Set


CORELLE® Livingware™ Type 3
Price: RM550

Raya Promotion (Syawal 1431H): RM500!!

CorLWareFriendship30 : Livingware™ Friendship 30-pc Set
CorLWareCCottage30 : Livingware™ Country Cottage 30-pc Set
CorLWareCityBlock30 : Livingware™ City Block 30-pc Set
CorLWareWinterFrost30 : Livingware™ Winter Frost White 30-pc Set


Price: RM440

Raya Promotion (Syawal 1431H): RM350!!

CorViveBerries&Leaves16 : Vive™ Berries and Leaves 16-pc Set
CorViveFlo16 : Vive™ Flo 16-pc Set
CorViveMartini16 : Vive™ Martini 16-pc Set

CorViveEnhancements16 : Vive™ Enhancements 16-pc Set
CorViveEnhancements16w/bowl : Vive™ Enhancements 16-pc Set w/ Bonus 10-oz Bowls
CorViveMuse16w/bowl : Vive™ Nouveau 16-pc Set w/ Bonus 10-oz Bowls

CorViveNouveau16 : Vive™ Nouveau 16-pc Set
CorViveRola16 : Vive™ Rola 16-pc Set


CORELLE® Impressions™Type 2
Price: RM440

Raya Promotion (Syawal 1431H): RM350!!

NEW! CorImpLeaves16 : Impressions™ Leaves 16-pc Set
NEW! CorImpCamellia16 : Impressions™ Camellia 16-pc Set
NEW! CorImpCallaway16 : Impressions™ Callaway 16-pc Set

CorImpProvencal16 : Impressions™ Provencal 16-pc Set
CorImpShGrass16 : Impressions™ Shadow Grasses 16-pc Set
CorImpEnhancements16 : Impressions™ Enhancements 16-pc Set

CorImpWhiteFlower16 : Impressions™ White Flower 16-pc Set
CorImpFreesia16 : Impressions™ Freesia 16-pc Set
CorImpTango16 : Impressions™ Tango 16-pc Set

CorImpSpring16 : Impressions™ Spring 16-pc Set
CorImpTulip16 : Impressions™ Tulip Bouquet 16-pc Set
CorImpTextLeaves18 : Impressions™ Textured Leaves 18-pc Set

CorImpShIris16 : Impressions™ Shadow Iris 16-pc Set


CORELLE® Impressions™Type 3
Price: RM460

Raya Promotion (Syawal 1431H): RM360!!

CorImpShIris18 : Impressions™ Shadow Iris 18-pc Set
CorImpShIris20 : Impressions™ Shadow Iris 20-pc Set

CorImpSumMeadow20 : Impressions™ Summer Meadow 20-pc Set
CorImpThyHerbs20 : Impressions™ Thymeless Herbs 20-pc Set

CorImpChutney20 : Impressions™ Chutney 20-pc Set
CorImpPinkTrio20 : Impressions™ Pink Trio 20-pc Set
CorImpAbundance20 : Impressions™ Abundance 20-pc Set


Corelle Hearthstone® Stoneware Dinnerware
Price: RM500 RM475

Raya Promotion (Syawal 1431H): RM360!!

CorHsEcosty16 : Hearthstone® Eco Honesty 16-pc Set
CorHsBluetopia16 : Hearthstone® Bluetopia 16-pc Set
CorHsShale16 : Hearthstone® Shale 16-pc Set

CorHsMossSq16 : Hearthstone® Moss Square 16-pc Set
CorHsFloralSer16 : Hearthstone® Floral Serenity 16-pc Set
CorHsStoneSq16 : Hearthstone® Stone Square 16-pc Dinnerware Set

CorHsChilliRed16 : Hearthstone® Chili Red 16-pc Square Set
CorHsRoyalWhite16 : Hearthstone® Royal White 16-pc Square Set


Price: RM480-500 RM460

Raya Promotion (Syawal 1431H): RM360!!

NEW! CorSqSq&Sky16 : Square™ Sand and Sky 16-pc Set
CorSqKobe18 : Square™ Kobe 18-pc Set
CorSqKobe16 : Square™ Kobe 16-pc Set

CorSqChBlo16 : Square™ Cherry Blossom 16-pc Set
CorSqUrArc16 : Square™ Urban Arc 16-pc Set
CorSqPrPink16 : Square™ Pretty Pink 16-pc Set

CorSqIsleha16 : Square™ Isleha 16-pc Set
CorSqIsleha18 : Square™ Isleha 18-pc Set
CorSqHappyDys16 : Square™ Happy Days 16-pc Set

CorSqBamboo16 : Square™ Bamboo Leaf 16-pc Set
CorSqSimLines16 : Square™ Simple Lines 16-pc Set
CorSqSimLines18 : Square™ Simple Lines 18-pc Set

CorSqPWhite16 : Square™ Pure White 16-pc Set
CorSqPWhite18 : Square™ Pure White 18-pc Set
CorSqButtercup16 : Square™ Buttercup 16 pc Set

CorSqModLines16 : Square™ Modern Lines 16-pc Set
CorSqShIris16 : Square™ Shadow Iris 16-pc Set
CorSqShIris18 : Square™ Shadow Iris 18-pc Set

CorSqOceanArc16 : Square™ Ocean Arc 16-pc Set
CorSqMandarinF16 : Square™ Mandarin Flower 16-pc Set
CorSqEloquence16 : Square™ Eloquence 16-pc Set

..... ..... .....


Lady Antz said...

Boleh order lg x?

strawberry tags said...

Ni entry year 2010..
"This offer only valid for Hari Raya 2010 (Syawal 1431H)."
price tak valid da sekarang,,
nak order boleh tapi price order sekarang lain, ikut kos dll..

Nija said...

Nak tanya harga utk CorImpAbundance20 : Impressions™ Abundance 20-pc Set ? Kalau order bila leh dapat ye?

strawberry tags said...

Impression Abundance dah lama sold out.
listed dalam discontinue list:

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