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1) 501® Original Jeans Shrink-to-Fit Jeans (Indigo, 44W X 34L) $46.00 Now $37.00
2) 501® Original Jeans Shrink-to-Fit Jeans (Rigid, 44W X 34L) $46.00 Now $37.00
3) 501® Original Jeans (Black, 42W X 32L) $46.00 Now $37.00
Total : RM430 for 3 units (including shipping)

4) Panel Pants (Dull Gold, 30W X 32L) $79.50 Now $59.90 = RM223 (including shipping)
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7) ELOISE: Motorcycle Hoodie (Jet Black, Size S) $59.50 Now $39.90 = RM170 (including shipping)
8) LIN: Junior's Aster Flare 524™ Jeans (Destructed Valley Light, 3 X M) $42.00 Now $29.90 = RM154 (including shipping)
9) Charlotte Skimmer 515 Petite (Sunny Skies, Size 4) $40.00 Now $19.90 = RM131 (including shipping)

Raya - special Pre-order Status.

1) Zawzaw - Fullpayment
- Nine West : Rainbow Shoe Show Large Hobo (DONE)

2) Akmal Khairiin - Fullpayment
- G by Guess Miller (Berry) (DONE)

3) Zurin - Fullpayment (DONE)
- COACH Hamilton leather large satchel 13811 (black)
- TelekungMini white

4) Marie Robert (Full payment)
- 9west Tina Med Shopper - Yellow/Sun (DONE)
- Etienne Aigner - Hawtorne Top zip (DONE)

5) Daphne Baybee - Full payment
- G by Guess : Miller Berry (DONE)
- G by Guess : Rosie Wallet (Pink) (DONE)
- EA stonebridge tote - Daffodil (DONE)
- COACH Signature Stripe Frame Carryall #13533 (Khaki/Gold) (DONE)
- Tommy Hilfiger Small Signature Tote (DONE)
- Calvin Klein Nylon Continental Wallet (DONE)
- Coach Pink signature Stripe Tote #13548 (DONE)
- Coach Graphic Op Art Alexandra #15530 (DONE)

6) Catherine Sequerah Full payment
- EA stonebridge tote - Turquoise (DONE)
- 9west Leoni Med Satchel - Black (DONE)
- EA Keila Satchel - Gold (DONE)
- Nine West : Tina Crossbody - Sun (DONE)

7) Honeey Full payament
- EA stonebridge hobo - daffodil (DONE)
- 2 unit EA Christina Crossbody (Leather) - daffodil (DONE)
- G by Guess : Miller Black (DONE)

8) Juliana - Full payment (DONE)
- COACH Signature Stripe Frame Carryall #13533 (Pink)

9) Shazila - Full Payment
- COACH Signature Stripe Frame Carryall #13533 (Pink) (DONE)
- COACH Op Art Large Brooke #14146 (Brown) (DONE)

10) Esmi/Ernie (Malaysian in Ho Chi Ming) - Full Payment
1. EA floral fabric top zip - floral print w/white trim (DONE)
2. EA stonebridge tote - daffodil (DONE)
3. EA Stonebridge tote - turquoise (DONE)
4. EA stonebridge hobo - daffodil (DONE)
5. Forever 21 Canvas Bag - design B : New York (DONE)

11) Aliaa Diyana - Full payment (DONE)
- COACH Hamilton leather large satchel 13811 (berry pink)

12) Zureen Paintball - RM720
- EA Keila satchel (DONE)
- LCNY Pink & Gunmetal Satchel (DONE)
- G by Guess Ravillo Wristlet (DONE)
- Miller Hobo (black) (DONE)
- Coach Pink signature Stripe Tote #13548 (DONE)
- Coach Wristlet #43434
- ELLE Sunglasses - Burgandy & Black (DONE)

13) Aizat
- G by Guess Miller Hobo (Berry) (DONE)
- Coach Hamptons Patent Leather Embossed Md Carryall Tote #14413 - RM220
- Coach Laura Leather Carryall #14866 (DONE)
- Coach Lynn Hac (Grey) (DONE)

14) Faiza MG - Full payment
- COACH Laura Signature Navy/Pink Hobo #14938 (DONE)

15) Pooja - Fullpayment
- Coach(DONE)

16) Nor Azlina - Full Payment
- Coach Soho Pleated Lyn Signature Hobo #15083 (New Spring 2010 collection) - Khaki (DONE)

17) NiNaMie aZHaN - Full Payment
- COACH Peyton Signature Sateen Shoulder Bag #14525 (Khaki/Nutmeg) (DONE)
- Kathy Van Zeeland Flirtini Belt Shopper (DONE)

18) Susan Ngau Ding - Full Payment
- Nine West : Tina Crossbody - Pink (DONE)

19) Aina Hannan - Installment RM100
- COACH Soho Daisy Scarf Print Large Hobo #15166

20) Ann Tahrim S.Selasih -
- Aldo Drawstring Grey
- Miller - Berry

21) Nurul Nadiati - Full payment
- Miller - Berry (DONE)

22) Zaidah - Full Payment
- COACH Ashley Snap HD Scarf Print Sateen Carryall #15504 (DONE)

23) Opie - RM250
- Coach Wristlet #43434 (Khaki)
- Love Rock gift bag set (set of 3) (DONE)

24) Ikhlas Murni - RM50
- DKNY Town & Country Large Tote - Chino Red

25) Suziyanti - Fullpayment
Coach Frame Carryall #13533 (Gold/Khaki) (DONE)

26) Ng Pui Nyinn - Full Payment
Calvin Klein - Nylon Logo Continental Wallet (Grey) (DONE)

28) atiFah aHmad - Full payment
Miller - Berry (DONE)

29) MiSz `S!yGaL - Full payment
Miller - Berry (DONE)

30) Alawiyah Ariffin - RM400
- Miller - Black (DONE)
- Aldo - Grey

31) Jusmine - Fullpayment
- Etienne Aigner Floral Fabric Top zip (white) (DONE)


Melnie Zoroy (Deposit RM200)
- Superyard Tx

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Welcome back...

Hi, i just discharge from the hospital...
Right now i'm not going to do any pre-order...
It's hard for me to handle so many procedure for pre-order right now...
and can't afford to have any lost anymore...

But no worries,
we will continue selling in-stock items...

Our cargo almost full...
We already out of space in the sharing cargo...

@ Illinois, USA

Most item from:
Victoria Secret's
Bath & Body Works
Liz Claiborne
Etienne Aigner
Colin Stuart

I have try my best before & sorry for any problem then,
Sis Stoberi


For Singapore customer who had e-mail me,
why don't you try to do you own pre-order coz Forever21 support accept Singapore Credit Card & now they're having shipping promotion: Flat rate 35usd for order more than 100usd...
More, Singapore custom limit is better than Malaysia...

Malaysia custom: limit is less than RM500, if more tax will be 20%
Singapore custom: limit is almost RM1000, if more, tax will be only 7%

If any Singaporean wanna do pre-order, i can give you listing of loyal customers
as long as you have Maybank or any Malaysian bank account & willing to post items from Johor (postage will be lower)...
Seriously, you will never lost than...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sis Stroberi In Hospital

Dear shoppers,

I am Ryugo, on behalf of Sis Stroberi would like to inform u that Sis Stroberi currently has been hospitalized after a surgery to remove her tumor today. I suppose the tumor thingy isn't a news, as she used to mention it before in her "Delay.." entry in STP.
As some already know, i've tumor, but no worries, i still in a good and healthy figure to finished all my job here.. =)

Hence, as per this announcement - she can't reply your email, sms, any sort of communication by herself until she released from hospital which is expected in next coming Monday.

Until she is back to operate the business again, Strawberry-Tags may be ran by Ted, her sister (which still in secondary school) so please expect unusual lateness in service delivery. Afterall, sometimes Ted have to take care Sis Stroberi in hospital too.

This is not an excuse, but as we're having a hard period at the present moment, I am hoping that you can cope with the lateness of mail reply. Plus, please do not request a ridiculous discount for products which already been cheap, mailing her the same email (aka spam) more than once, and things like that because her mental is equally weak as her body at this very moment - so please be very very very considerate.

For Strawberry-Tags-Preorder customer, I believe refunding is near to 100% complete. If you still haven't received your money yet, please mail ONCE.

Lastly, together we pray hard for her health.



Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Email Status from F21...

Dear all, this is the status of Box 1.. T_T
I am so dissapointed with Forever21 service right now.
That's why i had sending you all the details of transaction, delaying e-mails etc.
Thanks for those who had reply my e-mails; provided details of your account.
Million thanks..


From: Online
Date: Tue, May 5, 2009 at 5:31 AM

Hello -

We are experiencing issues with our carrier and your order has not shipped yet.
We are understand if at this point you would like to cancel your order as we do not have a specific date when these orders will ship.
If not, you will be notified via e-mail when your order ships -

If you have any further questions/concerns, please call our customer service line at (888) 494-3837 or by emailing us at Our representatives are available to take your calls and emails Monday through Friday, 6:30 AM to 6:00 PM, and Saturday through Sunday, 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Thank you for choosing Forever21.

Forever 21- Customer Service

Monday, May 4, 2009

It Wasn't Always A Happy Ending

Shoppers dearie,

This wasn't a fairy tales, but a living tales that if you heard about it before, you may now will heard about it again.

Yes, it's about Forever21 and it's Customer Service.

On , I have started to order Box #1 on 19/04/09 and (bla bla bla). Then, I received 2 e-mails from F21; 1 is my e-receipt and another one is an 'order verification required e-mail' which asked me to reply the e-mail with the forever 21 authorization code from bank? The instruction told me that i need to call the bank to get an autorization code associated with my order.
I was like, huh? Authorization code what? OK, probably I was wrong, so I called the my credit card issuing bank. Bank (Citibank) informed that "no authorization code is needed" and Forever21 already charge me. (I also have asked my friend here, who's working at Citibank and he also tell the same thing that USA Citibank Credit Card do not have any authorization code)..Already charge me? why do i need to call my bank then? So, i reply back the verification e-mail telling that i have call my bank, and they said that there are no authorization code and forever21 also have already charge me...
i believed that you all have proceed with this order..
since i have call the citibank, and there is no authorization number that forever21 giving them... So, i hope that forever21 have proceed sending my order. - April 25"
Then 2 days later they reply me,
Dear H,
Thank you for your recent inquiry. We apologize for the delayed response.
According to our records, you have one order placed with us. Order information is as follows:

Order Status: Approved
They already approved it? So, why need i to call bank then? --> After that, i look at my order status and now the status already change to "Packed".

After my 1st order, I ordered Box #2 (25/04), #3 (26/04), #4(28/04), #5(30/4), #6(30/4) and #7(1/5). No big problem happened, only that after submit box #3, it didn't appear in my previous order, then i e-mail them.. No responed.. No reply.. Then only after 2 days (28/04) it appear in my previous order list and Forever21 sending my bil.

After all order has been made, I can see in the online statement that they had charged me up for the payment. COOL. I also have already send money to clear all my credit usage for Box #1-4. And thinking of to Transfer Fund on 2/5/09 for the rest...

But wait, early in the morning on 1/5/09 - I received 6 E-MAILS saying that my order had been cancelled because i didn't reply e-mails and calls. Didn't reply? huh? I was crying then... Anxiously, I open F21 to check what is going on. Yup, all status has been change to cancelled. I call my lil brother at Illinois, and he said that he has already call the bank the day before, and everythings have been approved. So, I asked him to call Customer Service. The Customer Service said that, if system suddently cancel or accidently cancel my order, they can't do anything. And asked me to re-order. So, my lil bro said "Why not we re-order everything back" Then I said, "no, wait and see first.. Coz i'm afraid it happened like BOx #3 again.. delayed... And futhermore, we need to wait until they credited back our payment".

Then i e-mail customer service and also forward back again all of my verification letters (ALL OF THEM.. Am I look like spamming them back? But this is what they'd wanted right?) Huh... They suppose not to cancelled all. If they didn't received my e-mail, they suppose to cancelled only box #2 since the rules is 'everything will be cancelled after 5 days of order' and my Box #3-#7 still didn't reach 5 days of order.

I wait until the end of day and doing my data filling jobs. At 7pm, suddently i felt worried, so i tried to log in my Forever21 account.

Can't log in?

Wait wait. What in the world is going on here? I asked for password reset. As usual, customer service delayed. On 3rd May, they e-mail me link to reset my password. I click and entered new password, acceptable. Then i try to login, but still, I can't logging in. I asked Customer Service. But they keep asking me to log in, reset, those kind of answer that you can read in FAQs.

Okay, i can't login, so i track my order under common link and it shown that my 1st Box which i had ordered on 19 of April still in status 'Packed'. Delayed? Now, it's already 16 days. And I e-mail them again, asking when will they shipped my only order now (Box #1). I have try my best for this.

Just now, i've received 2 e-mails from Forever21. They sound like this:
Hello H,
Unfortunately, once an order has been canceled it can not be reinstated - Please feel free to place the order again, once you obtain information form your bank.

It's been a hell of month of me, working and working to make sure that everything going smooth as per planned. It's been nice, joyous, honor and pleasure to serve all of you, but it's a nightmare experience for me to deal with F21.

My intuition saying that probably F21 is tampering my account by any mean, for unknown reasons. You see.

i) Keep cancelling my order
ii) Keep asking for authorization code (and cancelling orders after that)
iii) Charging my credit card though the item being cancelled
iv) Disappearance of my F21 account

(At this current moment, my credit card hasn't been charged back yet and I had been paying daily interest for that)

I felt robbed by F21. I don't know what should I do. I have done my best, but it's F21 who doesn't want to business with me. At least, from the way it treat me.

Am i wrong for placing ordered for 139 items? Yes, i didn't register for business coprporate, but I don't placing all my orders at one time, I pay for couple of shipping charges, so is it wrong? No rules have been written there about this. Huh, I have previous experience placing order with hundreds items in one time with Victoria Secret's, Bath & Body Works, Boscov and others, they still accepted those (eventho i'm buying cheapest sale for hundreds). Customer always right, right?

Before this, i thought that i am going to register business corporate with Forever21 for my next project (the link for business corporate available at their online shop), but now, i think i have no more interest.

Therefore, I am no longer interested in making business with F21, unless they replace their customer service which didn't seem to cooperate.

Thank you for your support to Strawberry-Tags. I am going to refund all of your money and please expect return of money within 48 hours.

Yours truly,
Sis Stroberi

Saturday, May 2, 2009


May 1, 2009
I must say, that today, oficially i off all pre-order...
Thanks for shopping with us...

i will start updating buyer data for future review & sendout..
anything, i will inform you all..

lotsa luv,
Sis stoberi

Strawberry Pre-order list


(1) FLAT PST0901:NUDE/BLACK [sz 7] RM49 [DONE] & CasdressPST0904 (Black-S): RM58 [OUT OF STOCK]
FULL PAYMENT: RM107 - 1305877215 & 1306184363


(2) HbagPST0904 (white/yellow): RM105 [DONE]
Full Payment + Postage: RM115 (extra payment will be return in package) - 1306881920


(3) 1 FlatPST0903/Studded Sandal [Size 7/Black Gold] [DONE] RM84, 2 Fab Colored Skinny Jeans [Size 27/Grey & Purple] [DONE] [DONE]


(4) WallPST0906 Metallic Acid-Wash Wallet [Grey/Gold] [DONE] & SkinJeanPST0905 [white denim sz 29] [DONE]

Nur Afiza Jamil [Feezha Jameel]

(5) ShBagPST0906 [RM135] [DONE] & HbagPST0920[RM142] [DONE]

Yazmine Razali

(6) SkinJeanPST0903 - Grey [Sz 27] [DONE]

Hannah CaLypsO-

(7) SkinJeanPST0909 [Sz 28] [DONE]

Linda ali asan

(8) SkinJeanPST0902 [size 26] RM68 [DONE]
RM105 (+Kain Karisma Batik)

Heart Cupcakes/Liyana Ahmad (The Peach)

(9) ShoPST0901-15 [Black/8] [DONE]

Chew Yi Lin/ Elaine

(10) FlatPST0901 [Fuschia/black,Sz 40] [DONE], FlatPST0901 [Nude/black,Sz 36] [DONE]

Najiha Zakaria

(11) FlatPST0909 [black - sz10] [DONE]

Allia Jaafar

(12) ShoPST0901-22 (RM128) [Sz 8] [DONE]
Elfira Rosellini

(13) SkinJeanPST0902 [Grey/Sz 28] [DONE]

Grace Chin

(14) 2059419087- Open Front Slub Cardigan (black/M) [DONE], & 2059421409 - Opened Slub Cardigan (taupe/M) [DONE]
Sakeenah Alias

(15) SGlasPST0902 [F4695 in black/white] [DONE]

Liyana Azman

(16) ShbagPST0904 [Black][DONE-Box 2] RM110 & HbagPST0912: RM128 [DONE-Box 3]

Ain Ajirah

(17) SkinJeanPST0903 [ Purple/Sz 24] [DONE]

NorRaihana Said

(18) SkinJeanPST0904 [black/Sz 27][DONE], SkinJeanPST0904 [Grey/Sz 27] [DONE]
Nurul ain/Ne Lia

(19) CJacPST0901-07 [Charcoal/Brown, Sz S] [DONE]

Ana Farhana Hamsa

(20) SkinJeanPST0904 [Grey/Sz 24] [DONE]
Yasmin W.M.N

(21) BeltPST0901-01 [Rainbows] SM [DONE-BOX 3]
Atylia Masuwai (Shawl lawa-lawa)

(22) SkinJeanPST0905 [Light Denim/Sz 24] [DONE], SkinJeanPST0904 [Grey/Sz 24] [DONE-Box 4]
Suraya Mahat

(23) HbagPST0906 [Maylee] in Brown [DONE-Box 4]

Soong Mei Lin

(24) ShoPST090115-Punched Peeptoe Plat[Black-Sz 6] RM150 [DONE], ShoPST90104-Platform Pump [purple - Sz 6] RM138 [DONE-Box 4]

Farzihan Hassan

(25) CasDressPST0903[black/turquoise, S] [DONE-Box 4] & SkinJeanPST0904[Grey/28] [DONE]


(26) SkinJeanPST0909 [Sz 26] [DONE], DrDress0901-01 [Coral/S] [DONE-Box 4]
RM20+ RM47 + RM20

R/Rosalind Wong

(27) SkinJeanPST0910 [Ebony/29] [DONE-Box4]
Dya Datgal

(28) CasDressPST0901-11 [Charcoal/S] [DONE-Box4]
NurulNadia Niza

(29) F4276 Sunglasses [Silver/dark Grey] RM34 [DONE-Box4]

(30) F9021 Sunglasses -RM39(color white/black) [DONE-Box4], F7252 Sunglasses -RM39 (color [DONE-Box4]
Custard Love/ Shaqreena

(31) SkinJeanPST0904 [Grey/28] [DONE]
Peta Charmaine

(32) Martina Acid Skinny [ Light Grey/29]CANCEL , FlatPST0901-01 [Mustard/Black,Sz 9] [DONE]

Leeza Foo

(33) FlatPST0901 [nude/8] [DONE], SkinJeanPST0905 [white denim/26], CasDressPST0901 [navy/s], CasDressPST0902 [pink/s]

Sarah Fauziah

(34) WallPST0905 [Pink/Gold][DONE-BOX 2], FlatPST0909[Blue/7] [DONE-BOX 5]
Shu Wei Tan

(35) DrDress0901-01 [Coral/M] [DONE-Box 4], CasDressPSt0916 [Navy Blue/S] [DONE-BOX 5]

Sue Lynn

(36) SkinJeanPST0904 [Grey/24] [DONE-Box4], CasDressPST0901-16 [Green/S][DONE-BOX 5]

(37) VestPST0901-01 [Heather Grey/S][DONE-BOX 5]


(38) SkinJeanPST0903 [Purple/26][DONE-BOX 5], SkinJeanPST0905 [Medium Denim/26][DONE-BOX 5]


(39) CasDressPST0902 [ light Grey/M] [DONE-Box4], DrDressPST0901-10 [M] [DONE-BOX 5]
Ee Lyn

(40) ShoPST0901-31 [6][DONE-BOX 5], SkinJeanPST0904 [Purple/25][DONE-BOX 6]
Siti Nurbaya

(41) SkinJeanPST0904 [blue/30] [DONE], SkinJeanPST0910 [3o] [DONE-BOX 6]

Abby Linda/Linda Hamzah

(42) 1 - Fab Jeweled Watch (yellow) [DONE]
2 - Fab Floral Off-Shoulder Top I (L) [DONE-BOX 5]
3 - Missy Denim Short [light denim,29][DONE-BOX 5]
4 - Neon Rainbow Braid Belt (ML) [DONE]
5 - Ebony skinny jeans (30)[DONE-BOX 6]
6 - Fab Colored Skinny Jean (grey,30)[DONE-BOX 5]
7 - V-Neck Tattoo Hoodie (M) [DONE-BOX 6]
8 - Fab Rose Petal Print Dress (L)[DONE-BOX 5]
9 - Women With Braids Tank (L) [DONE-Box4]
10. Fab buterfly garden (L) [DONE-Box4]
Lydia Ayog

(43) SkinJeanPST0910 [sz 25] [DONE-BOX 6]
Irza Mirzal/ Salwani

(44) 1- FlatPST0909 [Blue/7] [DONE],
2- SkinJeanPST0905 [Light Denim/30][DONE-BOX 5]
3- CjacPST0901-13 [Trench coat-Grey/Sz M][DONE-BOX 5]
4- SkinJeanPST0910 [Black Denim/30] RM75 [DONE-BOX 6]

Rasheena Amit

1)SkinJeanPST0910 [ebonyskinjeans/28][DONE-BOX 6]
2)SkinJeanPST0904 [white/28][DONE-BOX 6]
3) clinchers -bltclinmar0901 [red]
4)clinchers-bltclinmar 0902 [dark brown]
Mira Mira/Aisa Norazmira

(46) SkinJeanPST0910 [27][DONE-BOX 6]
Keita Tachibana (Adelee Ho Choy Ming)

(47) 1-SkinJeanPST0904 [Grey/24][DONE-BOX 6]
2-FlatPST0918 Gladiator [Tan/6][DONE-BOX 5]
3-FlatPST0901 [Nude/Black, 7][DONE-BOX 6]
Agnes Chew

(48) 1- BeltPST0901 [Rainbow/SM] [DONE],
2- Kelly Dress [Purple/M][DONE-BOX 6]
3- SGlasPST0901 F4276 [Silver/dark grey][DONE-BOX 6]
ZawZaw/Zawanah Othman

(49) SkinJeanPST0904 [black/Sz 27] [DONE], SkinJeanPST0905 [WhiteDenim/Sz 27] [OUT OF STOCK]
Farahnur Ayu

(50)1- FlatPST0905 [Purple- Sz 38] [DONE],
2- SkinJeanPST0909 [DONE],
3- SkinJeanPST0905 [DONE],
4- Scarf Attached Slvs Cardigan( DARK GREY,Small) [DONE],
5- CasDressPST0905 [Purple-Sz S][DONE-BOX 5],
6- Taylor Gingham Shirt [Red/navy,S] [DONE-BOX 6]
Full Payment

(51) 1- SkinJeanPST0905[White denim-Sz 29] RM78 [DONE],
2- 1 Men's Shirts [DONE],
3- 2 Men's Tees [DONE][DONE]
4- 1 Men's Tees [DONE-BOX 7]
5- 1 Men's shirt[red] [DONE-BOX 7]


(52) 1- ShoPST0901-13 [tan/9] [DONE-BOX 7]
2- ShbagPST0904 [grey] [DONE-BOX 7]
3- shbagPST0906[black][DONE-BOX 7]
4- SkinJeanPST0904 [Grey/30][DONE-BOX 7]
5- SkinJeanPST0905 [Medium Denim/29][DONE-BOX 6]
Nadia Ab Wahid



(53) SkinJeanPST0902 [Grey/27]
Avril/Intan Baizurah

(54) SkinJeanPST0905 [White denim/Sz 28], SkinJeanPST0905 [White denim/30] [OUT OF STOCK]

Shantee Lim

(55) 1-FlatPST0901-Nude/black-size 7-37 (RM49)
2-CasDressPST0901- size s -coral (RM54) [OUT OF STOCK]
3-ShoPST090124- size 7-37 (RM109)

AtiQue Pinky

(56) ShoPST0901-01 [size 6] : RM160

Sugarlicious/ Jasmine

(57) Pyramid Stud Hobo

Norziana Abu Bakar

(58) SkinJeanPST0904 [Grey/28]

Hidayah/Dyda Dieda

(59) CasDressPST0903 (black/turquoise -Sz XS)

Min Zhi

(60) SkinJeanPST0904 [Grey/28]
Eamy Nursaliza

(61) ShoPST0901-13 [tan/6], SkinJeanPST0905 [LightDenim/25]
Waida lias

(62) FlatPST0901 [Fuschia/7]
Siti Nur'ain Sharifuddin

(63) FlatPST0901 [nude/black,7 or 8]
Rebecca Daniels

(64) Twill 3Q Jacket [Grey/S]
Fiona Goh

(01) WallPST0904 [purple]
Sha-Lyn Xash (Diary of an E-shopaholic)

(02) SkinJeanPST0909 [size 27]
Jasmine Dalila

(03) SkinJeanPST0905 [White denim -Sz 26]
Izni Zurni

(04) SkinJeanPST0909 [Size 26]
Lim Suat Lay/Shopaholix Bar

(05) SkinJeanPST0903 [Grey/24]
Marha Baharuddin

(06) CasDressPST0902 [purple/M]
Khairunnisa Othman

(01) DrDress0901-01 [Yellow/S] RM68 for Bavany
(02) CasDressPST0905 (purple / light blue - sz L) & CasDress PST 0908 (purple / blue - sz L) for Shaqirah kamal

(01) Rm24 to IvyTan for WallApr0901-2 [brown]
(02) RM35 to Fara diba for CasDressPST0901 [Aqua/S]

Friday, May 1, 2009


Pre-order first Box - Order Done on Sat; April 18:
Alecia Skinny Jean( WHITE DENIM,27): T-Elien
Alecia Skinny Jean( WHITE DENIM,29): AIZAT
Alecia Skinny Jean( WHITE DENIM,29): Nur Afiza Jamil [Feezha Jameel]
Antonia Studded Sandals( BLACK/GOLD,7): M-HONEY
Bella Messenger Bag( BLACK/ANTIC.G,ALL): Yazmine Razali
City Patent Faux Leather Handbag( BLACK,ALL):
Yazmine Razali
Elastic Strap Wedge( BLACK,8): ELFIRA
Fab Colored Skinny Jean( GREY,27):
Fab Colored Skinny Jean( PURPLE,27): M-HONEY
Fab Straight Leg Color Jean( GREY,27): Hannah CaLypsO-
Lindsey Skinny Jean( INDIGO,26): R/Rosalind Wong
Lindsey Skinny Jean( INDIGO,27): T-Elien
Lindsey Skinny Jean( INDIGO,28): Linda ali asan
Metallic Acid-Wash Wallet( GREY/GOLD): Nur Afiza Jamil [Feezha Jameel]
Neon Flats( PURPLE,8): T-Elien
Powell Plaid Shirt( BLUE/BRICK,Small): AIZAT
Punched Peeptoe Plat( BLACK,6): Farzihan Hassan

Pre-order Second Box - Order done on Sat; April 25:
F4695 Sunglasses( BLACK/WHITE,ALL , 1): Liyana Azman
Fab Beach Sandals( DARK BROWN,10, 1): Allia Jaafar
Fab Colored Skinny Jean( GREY,28 , 1): Yana
Fab Grey Skinny Jean( GREY,26 , 1): Heart Cupcake/Liyana Ahmad
Fab Grey Skinny Jean( GREY,28 , 1): GRace Chin
Flocked Floral Wallet( D.PINK/GOLD,ALL , 1): Shu Wei Tan
Interlocked Block Letters Tee( WHITE/BLACK,Small, 1): AIZAT
Juke Box Classic Tee( WHITE/PINK,Small, 1): AIZAT
Neon Rainbow Braid Belt( RAINBOW,ML , 1): Lydia Ayog
Open Front Slub Cardigan( BLACK,Medium, 1): Sakeenah
Opened Slub Cardigan( TAUPE,Medium, 1): Sakeenah
Portia Shoulder Bag( BLACK,ALL , 1): Ain Ajirah
Punched Peeptoe Plat( BLACK,8 , 1): Chew Yi Lin/Elaine
Reptile Flats( FUCHSIA/BLACK,10, 1): Najiha Zakaria
Reptile Flats( NUDE/BLACK,6 , 1): Najiha Zakaria

Pre-order Third Box - Order done on Sun; April 26:
Alecia Skinny Jean( LIGHT DENIM,24, 1): Suraya Mahat
Fab Beach Sandals( BLUE,7 , 1): Rasheena Amit
Fab Colored Skinny Jean( BLACK,27 , 1): Nurul Ain
Fab Colored Skinny Jean( BLACK,27 , 1): Farahnur Ayu
Fab Colored Skinny Jean( BLUE,30, 1): Linda Hamzah
Fab Colored Skinny Jean( GREY,24, 1): Yasmin W.M.N
Fab Colored Skinny Jean( GREY,27 , 1): Nurul Ain
Fab Colored Skinny Jean( GREY,28 , 1):Pete Charmine
Fab Jeweled Watch( YELLOW,ALL , 1): Lydia Ayog
Fab LS Hooded Jacket( CHARCOAL,Small, 1): Ana Farhana Hamsa
Fab Straight Leg Color Jean( PURPLE,24, 1): NorRaihana Said
Love Glitter Travel Bag( TAUPE,ALL , 1): Ain Ajirah
Neon Rainbow Braid Belt( RAINBOW,SM , 1): Atylia Masuwai (Shawl lawa)
Neon Rainbow Braid Belt( RAINBOW,SM , 1): ZawZaw
Reptile Flats( MUSTARD/BLACK,9 , 1): Leeza Foo
Reptile Flats( NUDE/BLACK,8 , 1): Sarah Fauziah

Pre-order Forth Box - Order done on Wed; April 29:
Ebony Skinny Jean( DENIM BLACK,29 , 1): Dya Datgal
F4276 Sunglasses( SILVER/DARK GREY,ALL , 1): IvyTan
F7252 Sunglasses( D.PINK/BLACK,ALL , 1): Custard love
F9021 Sunglasses( WHITE/BLACK,ALL , 1): Custard love
Fab Butterfly Garden Top( DUSTY BLUE/PURPLE,Large, 1): Lydia Ayog
Fab Colorblock Bubble Dress( BLACK/TURQUOISE,Small, 1): Yana
Fab Colored Skinny Jean( GREY,24, 1): Suraya Mahat
Fab Colored Skinny Jean( GREY,24, 1): WanSunia
Fab Knot Front Dress( CHARCOAL,Small, 1): NurulNadia Niza

Linen Strapless Dress( CORAL,Medium, 1): Sue Lynn
Linen Strapless Dress( CORAL,Small, 1): Rosalind Wong/RW
Maylee Leather Tote( BROWN,ALL , 1): Soong Mei Lin
Monica Career Dress( CHARCOAL,Medium, 1): Ee Lyn
Nora Platform Pumps( PURPLE,6 , 1): Farzihan Hassan
Women With Braids Tank( HEATHER GREY/BLACK,Large, 1): Lydia Ayog

Pre-order Fifth Box - Order done on Thu; April 30:
Alecia Skinny Jean( LIGHT DENIM,30, 1): Rasheena Amit
Alecia Skinny Jean( MEDIUM DENIM,26 , 1): JuhJuh
Aleia Trench Coat( GREY,Medium, 1): Rasheena Amit
Fab Beach Sandals( BLUE,7 , 1):
Shu Wei Tan
Fab Colored Skinny Jean( GREY,30, 1): Lydia Ayog
Fab Crochet Front Dress( GREEN,Small, 1): Wan Sunia
Fab Crochet Front Dress( NAVY,Small, 1): Sue Lynn
Fab Floral Off-Shoulder Top I( CREAM/PINK,Large, 1):
Lydia Ayog
Fab Gladiator Sandals( TAN,6 , 1): Agnes Chew
Fab Knit Vest( HEATHER GREY,Small, 1): Janice
Fab Rose Petal Print Dress( BLACK/CREAM,Large, 1):
Lydia Ayog
Fab Ruched Bust Dress( LIGHT GREY,Medium, 1): Ee Lyn
Fab Straight Leg Color Jean( PURPLE,26 , 1):
Fab Tie Dye Dress( PURPLE/LIGHT BLUE,Small, 1): Ted Elien
Missy Denim Short( LIGHT DENIM,29 , 1): Lydia Ayog
Peep Toe Cage Heels( BROWN,6 , 1):
Siti Nurbaya

Pre-order Sixth Box - Order done on Fri; May 1:
Alecia Skinny Jean( MEDIUM DENIM,29 , 1): Nadia Ab Wahid
Ebony Skinny Jean( DENIM BLACK,25 , 1): Salwani
Ebony Skinny Jean( DENIM BLACK,27 , 1): Adelee Ho Choy Ming
Ebony Skinny Jean( DENIM BLACK,28 , 1): Mira Mira
Ebony Skinny Jean( DENIM BLACK,30, 1): Lydia Ayog
Ebony Skinny Jean( DENIM BLACK,30, 1): Rasheena Amit
Ebony Skinny Jean( DENIM BLACK,30, 1): Linda Hamzah
F4276 Sunglasses( SILVER/DARK GREY,ALL , 1): ZawZaw
Fab Colored Skinny Jean( GREY,24, 1): Agnes Chew
Fab Colored Skinny Jean( PURPLE,25 , 1): Siti Nurbaya
Fab Colored Skinny Jean( WHITE,28 , 1): Mira Mira
Kelly Knit Maxi Dress( PURPLE,Medium, 1): ZawZaw
Reptile Flats( NUDE/BLACK,7 , 1): Agnes Chew
Taylor Gingham Shirt( RED/NAVY,Small, 1): Ted-Elien
V-Neck Tattoo Hoodie( CREAM/RED,Medium, 1): Lydia Ayog

Pre-order Last/Seventh Box - Order done on Fri; May 1:
Andres Striped Shirt( WHITE/GREY,Small, 1): AIZAT
Andres Striped Shirt( WHITE/GREY,Small, 1):
Bella Messenger Bag( BLACK/ANTIC.G,ALL , 1):
Fab Colored Skinny Jean( GREY,30, 1):
Lace Overlay Satin Top( WHITE,Small, 1): ST
Portia Shoulder Bag( GREY,ALL , 1):
Record Player Checkered Tee( CHARCOAL/CREAM,Small, 1):
Tassel Wedge( TAN,9 , 1): NADIA AB WAHID
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